leslie1985, was the year DMAMEA was formed by our President, Leslie Ferguson and Annie Eckman. Starting with the first picnic, the concept was welcomed by all. Everyone knew there was a need for this association and wanted to be a part of it.

Through the years, members came and went, but our founders stood strong with their commitment to support artist. Many, benefits, fundraisers and funerals alike took place before the need really grabbed hold of its benefactors and moved them to be a devoted and vested member.

Our President & CEO kept the commitment and awaited the support of others.

It was 2005 before DMAMEA was officially formed by Leslie Ferguson, Gwen Foxx, Jackie Gilliard, Thornetta Davis, Adrianne Reynolds and yes, Annie Eckman. These wonderful ladies have worked hard to bring DMAMEA where it is today. They are all well established in the business and bring with them a talent that demands the attention of all within an ears distance.

Today, DMAMEA has a strong membership and has much to offer its members. From Youth Mentorship, Bereavement Assistance to Health Benefits to mere moral support, they are there for one another.